Software Versions

  1.4.31 22/Oct/2008 BlackBerry autostart
Configurable Daylight saving
Motorola Flip support
  1.4.18 10/Jun/2008 Louder alarm
Variable snooze
  1.4.14 23/May/2008 OTA registration
Longer alarm sounds
  1.3.69 11/Jan/2008 Popup choice for BlackBerry
1.3.65 30/Nov/2007 Add "Background Alarms" setup for phones that allow autostart at alarm time. Add Now + 10, 30 and 60 mins quick set alarms
1.3.57 5/Oct//2007 Add "Minutes Adjust" setup for phones that do not handle timezones correctly
1.3.16 12/Jan//2007 Include Outgoing phone calls for MIDP2.0 phones with PIM address boook for JSR-75
1.2.26 23/Aug/2006 Some Sony Ericcson phones failed to load. Alternative load sounds from file where file protocol not explicitly supported
1.2.25 14/Aug/2006 Series 60 / Symbian - Fix 'Setup'
1.2.19 15/Jun/2006 Individual sound, volume and vibrate for each alarm More built in sounds for MIDP 2.0 phones Load sounds from file for phones allowing file access (JSR-75)
1.2.11 23/Mar/2006 Reassigned Stop command for phones with only two soft keys Improve default alarm sound for MIDP 1.0 phones Correct command button handling for Motorola Razr
1.1.65 03/Nov/2005 Include alarm message and time in display while snoozing Add two new sounds Extend trial period Include Alarm Volume setting (affects Alarm Sound 1 only) For new RECUR alarms, default to all days set on. Reawaken out of paused/suspended state if alarm due
  2.1.7 22/Oct/2010 New Audio and Audio Boost shortcut
  2.1.1 27/Jul/2010 New Style, Favourites and custom Beat Patterns
  1.5.14 31/Mar/2009 Touch screen support for BlackBerry Storm
  1.5.8 20/Mar/2009 Include demo and trial.
1.5.7 19/Mar/2009 Version for Android mobiles
1.4.25 13/Aug/2008 Visual Beat Display Extended MIDI Sequence length Enhanced Audio Boost
1.4.18 19/Jun/2008 Beat Patterns
1.4.1 12/Feb/2008 Include Concert-A tuning tone and improved MIDI handling
1.3.52 26/Sep/2007 New Midi Sequence sounds for bpm upto 480
1.2.19 16/Jun/2006 Improve auto regulation
1.2.6 13/Mar/2006 Add new realistic sounds Automatic regulation for optimum beat timing
1.4.32 29/Oct/2008 Subscription option
Remote network check option
  1.4.3 29/Feb/2008 Sortfield
Reduce Clicks
1.3.53 26/Sep/2007 File Archive Import/Export and large list support
1.3.35 11/Jun/2007 Search filtering and multiple list types
1.3.11 23/Nov/2006
  1.3.70 22/Jan/2008 Gram to Oz conversion
1.3.43 25Jul/2007 Increase number of favourites Show search result numbers Allow change values in all cases Add KCalHamper uninstall
  1.5.39 02/Dec/2009 Background option, release audio, different end sounds
  1.5.20 15/Jun/2009 Touchscreen support