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To begin searching for foods, go to the main menu and then [Search Hamper],
this will bring you to a search tool. Enter the whole word into the text box, and the results will appear within seconds. If you are unaware of how to spell the word, select [Part words] from the search menu.

Once you have found the food you searched for, click [Select] and you will automatically be taken to the food page. Here you can add the food to your daily total by selecting the [Add to Total] option. You can also add it to your favourite lists using the [Add to Favourites] option in the menu. This
will enable you to select the food from the [Favourites] list on the main page. In addition, you can change the amount of the item that you have consumed by selecting [Change Values] from the menu on the food page."

By selecting [Back] you can return to the main page, where the main menu is available.
Through this you can view your total consumed calories etc. You can also reset to defaults, clear your total, view help and exit the application.


In Setup, choose the default Portion Measure (either Grams or Oz). All food item values then automatically use this setting. You can change individual items if you like.

2 When searching you can change the Search Type (Part Words or Whole words) to increase, reduce the number of items found.
3 The search results are displayed 10 items per page. Use [Next]/[Previous] to change pages.
4 From the Food Item menu you can: Change Portion Size; Add to Total; Save in Favourites; Switch Grams/Oz; Change name; Change Values (Calories, Fat, carb, Protein, Fibre)
5 You can change/correct values for a food item already added to your totals. Select [Consumed] which shows all the food items previously added to your totals. Make the changes you require and press [Save changes].


See also KCal information pages and FAQ





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