Check which Java optional packages (JSRs) are supported on your phone and the version where known.

A Java Specification Request (JSR) is a formal document describing specifications and tecnologies to be added to the Java platform. Formal public reviews of JSRs are conducted before the JSR becomes final. Major phone and software vendors are involved in this process. This increases the likelihood of the implementation of a new feature defined by a JSR complying with the specification and being compatible with other devices and software.

A Java enabled phone or device will include one or more of these JSRs.

The implementation of a JSR on your phone will determine whether some software applications will work or not.


  • Show Detected JSRs
  • Include packages not detected (All JSRs)
  • Include version where known
  • All Java MIDP versions
  • Non mobile JSRs filtered

Available for Java enabled mobile phones and other MIDP devices.

JSRCheck Screenshots

This Java MIDlet application examines your phone to check which Java optional packages (JSRs) are supported.

Where a JSR optional package is included, its version is shown if known.

The implementation of java optional packages may vary from phone to phone and this application should be used as an indication of support. More specific information about each implementation may be available from the phone maker.

For example, JSR 135, Mobile Media is supported by many devices, but the types of audio files supported varies, as may the control of audio playback

Detected JSRs All JSRs

Note, the position of commands and screen appearance may vary.