Watch and alarm clock personalized time applications for mobile phones.

Available in a number of styles. All styles include adjustable hand sizes for ease of use.

It is not always easy to see the time on mobile phones. Often, the time is shown in a small font in digital format (eg. 08:30) which can be difficult to read correctly. Our applications show the time in analogue format (with hour, minute and second hands) which is much easier to read, even first thing in the morning with blury eyes! The Alarm version offers multiple alarms, which automatically appear on the watch face if due within the next twelve hours.

Personalized settings allow customization of the watch face and application

  • Date
  • Second Hand
  • Lunar Phase
  • Digital/Analogue
  • Hand Size
  • Style (where model supports more than one)
  • Phone Calls with phone book
AlarmClock Model
  • Alarm Sound/Vibrate/Volume, unique per alarm
  • Multiple Alarms, recur and labels
  • Autostart background alarm

Available for Java enabled mobile phones and other MIDP devices.

InfoTime Screenshots

Mobile phone time applications in a number of catchy styles. All styles include adjustable hand sizes for ease of use. The alarm versions allow multiple alarms to be set, with recurrent settings. See product feature comparison chart.





Note, the position of commands and screen appearance is dependant on the actual phone device. More screen shots


Hand Size: In order for greater accessibility the Hour and Minute hands are adjustable. Do you normally find it difficult to see the time on your phone? Set the hand size larger.

Lunar Phase: This shows the phase of the moon, depending on the current date and whether your phone is set for Northern or Southern Hemisphere. This feature can be switched off.

Multiple Alarms: Several alarms can be set and remembered even when your phone is powered off and on again. Each alarm can have a small message or label associated which can be displayed on the watch face. For example, "Meeting" or "Drinks". Each alarm can be set to off, once only, or set to recur on different days and has its own choice of sound, volume and vibrate settings.

Recurrent Alarms: Each of the alarms can be set to repeat on different days of the week. When an alarm is due within the next 12 hours, an alarm hand appears automatically on the watch face. Repeat alarms do not need to be reset each evening, but will automatically occur until set to off.

Autostart Background Alarms: MIDP 2.0 phones may allow InfoTime Alarm Clock to start at the next alarm time automatically, ie. if not already running. How effectively this works depends on the phone. See faq for more information.

Vibrate/Sound/Volume: The mobile phone alarm sound (and vibrate if supported), occur at the alarm time. It is possible to snooze for 10 minutes after which the alarm will sound again. This pattern repeats until the user presses the stop button. Many different sounds are possible, including where supported by the phone, some with an increasing volume. Each alarm can be set to use a different sound.

Custom Sounds: AlarmClock already includes several sounds, and if your phone supports java JSR-75 file access, you can load up to three of your own sounds from audio files stored on your phone. The type of audio sounds supported will depend on your phone but may include midi, au, wav, mp3 or others. Where your phone has a record and save facility you may be able use your own recorded voice or sounds.

Phone Calls: InfoTime supports making phone calls directly from the application if your phone supports java MIDP2.0. An internal phone book is provided plus if your phone supports JSR-75 PIM, Infotime will allow access to the phone book in phone memory or SIM.

Classic Style: A classic looking watch face, with contrasting black on white.

Luminesc Style: A strongly contrasting luminous effect.

Black Magic Style: A shiny star background. See what happens when you select different numbers on the keypad. Try out different combinations, unlock the secrets and generate your own backgrounds.

Free Upgrade: When the application has been in use for a total of three months a free upgrade is available.

Feature Comparison

Feature \ Model Classic Luminesc Black Magic AlarmClock
Analogue or Digital Both Both Both Both
Second Hand Yes Yes Yes Yes
Day Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lunar Phase Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hand Size Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Multiple Alarms - - - Yes
Once only alarm - - - Yes
Repeat Alarms - - - Yes
Vibrate/Sound - - - Yes
Snooze - - - Yes
Receive Phone Calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Make Phone Calls MIDP2.0 MIDP2.0 MIDP2.0 MIDP2.0
Internal Phone Book MIDP2.0 MIDP2.0 MIDP2.0 MIDP2.0
PIM Phone Book JSR-75 JSR-75 JSR-75 JSR-75
Free Upgrade Yes Yes Yes Yes
Classic style Yes - - Yes
Luminesc style - Yes - Yes
Black Magic style - - Yes -

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