Quick Timer

Quick Timer for mobile phone.

Quick Timer is a very easy to use basic countdown timer allowing a time to be set quickly, or previous times to be reused. Once the time has expired a repeating alarm will sound until stopped by simple key press. Typical uses include - Egg timer, Game countdown timer, Power-naps, Timing reheating of pre-prepared food, Fixed time exercises (eg jogging for 30 minutes).

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Quick Timer

  • Quick time change with fast scroll
  • Quick stop and reset
  • Pause/Resume
  • Remembers times used previously
  • Large Display Digits
  • Touch Screen (device dependent)


This application is suitable for most Java enabled devices, MIDP 2.0 or above.

Quick Timer Screenshots

Quick Timer for mobile phones.

Choose Times


Touch Screen Example


Touch Screen Example

Note, the position of commands and screen appearance may vary.

"Thanks for providing such a great App! I work as a TV Producer and use it every day!", BK 13th March 2010

"... great program by the way ... use it daily as I'm recovering from an illness and the timer helps me pace my activity levels", AB 15th March 2010


Quick time change with fast scroll: Use the up/down/left/right (or 2,8,4,6) keys to set the time. Holding the key down switches to fast time change mode. Other keys or trackball may also be supported. See also Touch Screen section below.

Quick stop and reset: Unlike standard egg-timers, Quick Timer can be stopped and restarted immediately. One of the problems with simple egg-timer type devices provided with some games is that quite often the player has completed their "turn" before the timer has finished. The game then has to halt, while the timer completes. Quick timer allows a simple two key press - Stop and Start action.

Pause/Resume: The timer can be paused temorarily, to allow a break or phone call to be taken.

Times: Times set previously are remembered, and can be started very quickly from the Times menu or touch screen where supported. The times are saved between uses or when the mobile is switched off.

Large Display Digits: The size of digits is automatically calculated for best results on the screen.

Touch Screen: Quick Timer allows touch screen time changes if supported. Latest used time are shown on the main screen if space is available.