Interval Timer for mobile phone.

Can be used to time events for sports, exercises, yoga meditation, speech training, meetings etc. Plan your routines and allow Intervals to let you know when to start each phase with optional countdown warning, different sounds and elapsed/remaining times.

What does it do? - It times intervals or exercise routines providing an audio and large digit display prompt for each interval phase. Shows elapsed time and remaining time to complete the phase. Optionally provides a countdown to the next exercise or rest period.

Some sample sets of intervals are already included but you are also allowed you to create your own, tailored to your own specific needs. Each interval phase can be assigned a description which can be used to describe the exercise activity, player or equipment to use.

Common uses


Sets of meditation, posture and breathing exercises

Martial Arts Time periods for basics, forms, sparing
Boxing Working bags in pairs, skipping, sparing
Circuit Training Exercises on different equipment, reps, rest periods. Different sets for each day
Meetings Speech training, timing and meeting times
Event Timing Chess competitions
Other Running, jogging, walking, stretching, pre exercise warmup and final cooling down periods

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  • Timer Countdown
  • Auto Repeat
  • Audio alert
  • Large Digit Display
  • Pause, Resume, Skip and Restart
  • Vibrate
  • Built-in Sets
  • Define your own Sets of Intervals
  • Independant countdown, volume, sound, vibrate, repeat options
  • Data Autosave

This application is suitable for most Java enabled devices, MIDP 2.0 or above.

Intervals Screenshots

Interval Timer for mobile phones.

Built-in Sets


Longer Times

Define Set

Edit Interval

Other Set Options

Note, the position of commands and screen appearance may vary.

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Multiple Sets: Several sets can be created. Each is managed independently and can be changed or deleted without affecting the other sets. The sets are shown in the main menu sorted alphabetically. Select "new" to create a new set, then "new" to define each interval. Use "Other settings" to define volume, countdown and other settings for the whole set. Use "edit" to change a set.

Repeat: Automatically repeat the whole set of intervals until stopped by command.

Countdown: Provides a visual and audio warning that a new interval is just about to start. Possible settings (configurable for each set independantly) are

None No countdown required
First Only Only when starting a set
All Before each new interval

Audio: A number of sounds are available to choose between. Intervals within a set may have different sounds.

Context sensitive help: The help command is shown where help is available for a specific menu or commands. Only relevant help information is shown.

Control: Intervals can be paused and resumed. Skip can be used to start the next or later intervals, Restart can be used to step back to the previous interval or earier.

Background: Sleeps/hides between intervals allowing other applications to be visible, eg a media player. This function is dependant on the make/model of mobile phone.

Built-in Sets: A number of sets have been included.

Exercise 3 short exercises with 10s rest period
Jogging 10 minute jog initermixed with short running bursts, and warmup and cool down phases.
Paired Boxing Repeated 30s intervals alternating between two people. Eg. for two boxers alternating at a punchbag. 30s work, 30s rest while other person continues.
Tabata 15s Easier version of Tabata Optimum with 15s work and 15s rest
Tabata Optimum Tabata session with warmup and cooldown. Contains 8 repeated intervals of 20s work, 10s rest
Warm up 5 minute warmup
Yoga Breathing Repeated intervals for breathing in and out, slightly different times.

NB. The built-in sets can be adapted to suit your own preferences.

Data Autosave: The sets are saved between sessions or when the mobile is switched off. When an incoming call is received the current interval is paused, and resumed when required.