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File System Import and Export

If your phone or device allows ListManager to access its file system (eg. phone memory or memory card), lists can be saved and restored using the File Archive feature. This can be used as an alternative to the RSArchive application which creates backups in a seperate application within the phone.

Using [Export] you can save a backup copy of a list to your phone's file system. This can then be imported using [Import] at a later date if required.


Highlight the List you wish to archive on the main screen. Choose [Archive] from the options menu. (Do not open the list using [Select] or [Open List])

This will show the Archive Suite screen which allows you to choose from the available archive suites. Choose "File System" and then [OK]

Export a list to file

You will be asked to select a directory (or folder) where the new file should be created. The file will be named to match the list name, but with any spaces in the name removed and a suffix of ".txt" appended. eg. A list called "My CDs" will be exported to a new file called "MyCDs.txt"

Import a file

You will be asked to select a file to import. This should be named the same as the list (without spaces) and should be in the same format as the original exported file. (eg. same number of columns and with the original column headings).

NB. To import a file, the list must already have been created in ListManager, empty or otherwise. It will be overwritten.

Transfer from PC

If you are also able to transfer files from PC to your phone (using PC tools supplied by your phone manufacturer) the File Archive feature may provide a convenient method of importing larger lists.

File format

Exported lists are created in files with each record on a seperate line and each column or field seperated by a TAB character. This is a common TAB delimited format which can be recognised and opened by many standard word processor and spreadsheet applications. This can be transferred to a PC and opened using a suitable editor or spreadsheet application. The first row in each file contains the list column headings which must not be changed.

If date fields are present they can be left blank or one of the following formats may be used:-

YYYYMMDD eg. 20071231
YYYYMMDD(hh:mm) eg. 20071231(23:59)
YYYYMMDD(hh:mm:ss) eg. 20071231(23:59:59)

With [Import] you can import a file of TAB delimited records completely replacing an existing list in ListManager on your phone. The column headings must match the existing list. If you are importing lists from another application you may need to make some changes to your data to match values expected by ListManager. If you are unsure what ListManager expects, add a few samples records to your list in ListManager, export the list to file, and then to PC, and open in your word processor or spreadsheet application to view.


See also ListManager information pages and FAQ

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