Mobile phone torch lamp combined with screen backlighter.

Dual mode provides a time controlled torch lamp and also a backlight feature which temporarily disables a mobile phone's standard screensaver allowing another application's screen to continue to show on the display. The timeout can be quickly changed.

Many mobile devices conserve battery power by switching off the display screen or showing a screensaver after a small time. Backlight will disable your mobile phone's screensaver and show a bright display screen, which can be used as a torch lamp, until the timeout delay is reached.

The timer starts automatically as soon as the app is started.

Backlight can also be used to disable the screensaver for other apps if your mobile devices supports multiple concurrent apps. Use "Hide" to return to your main app. Backlight will continue to run as a background process, disabling the screensaver until the timeout is reached. Backlight can be started before you run your chosen app, or at any point after - simply switch to your mobile's application menuand run Backlight.

Free trial available.


  • Dual Mode
  • Torch Lamp
  • Backlight
  • Timer Countdown with progress gauge
  • Auto Hide
  • Prefered timeout remembered from last run
  • Settings autosaved on exit

For a trial version:

  • download to your computer
  • or browse directly from your mobile to

Available for most Java enabled mobile phones.

Backlight Screenshots

Mobile phone torch lamp combined with screen backlighter.



Note, the position of commands and screen appearance may vary from the examples shown.


Dual Mode: Backlight can be used either as a standalone Torch Lamp, or can be run as a background process disabling the standard screen saver, allowing another app to run without the screen fading.

Torch Lamp: A bright screen is shown until the timeout is reached. You can switch this off at any time. Auto Hide must be set to No in the setup menu.

Backlight: If Auto Hide is set in the Setup menu, Backlight will hide itself after a few seconds. It continues to run behind the scenes ensuring that the standard screensaver is disabled. You can then switch back to your chosen app to see its screens. Switch back to Backlight at any time to turn this feature off or exit.

If Auto Hide is set to No, you can use the Hide command instead.

Timer Countdown: The default timeout is 10 minutes, but you can change this, and the time is also remembered the next time Backlight is run.

Auto Hide: See above. Note that the auto hide is delayed for a few seconds after Backlight. This allows you to cancel and change the setup if required.


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