Web Server Application Engine providing Data collection and enquiry.

This 100% Java engine is installed and easily configured for connection to existing databases for on-line enquiries. Customisation and programming services are also available to meet more complex requirements.


On-line Enquiry

Multiple Web enquiry pages on live data
Simple and complex searches
Custom configurable enquiry pages
Customised enquiries on database tables or views
Live trade search and message view

Host Connections

TCP/IP connections with remote host systems
Trading data collection and analysis for data and audit information
Database automatic polling
Java Message Service and MQ
Host specific message formats

Business Logic Layer

Restricted viewing by department
Data and audit filtering
Single point sign-on providing access to all appropriate databases and servers
Common Presentation

Data Collection and File Drop

Multiple file drop facility
Data import
Host feed

Multiple Databases

Integral links to multiple databases
Sybase, Oracle, Access, PostgreSQL and other JDBC databases supported

Connection Pooling

Always available database connections for quick responses
Minimum and maximum pool sizes automatically controlled
Multiple Connection Pools for different groups of users

Management by Browser

No client software required

Application Logs

Logs of application and user activity

Failed Records Log

Log of unusual events
Easy enquiry

Web Based Administration

Application control via web pages
No client software required
Automatic screen refresh with highlighted warnings


Load sharing
Automatic retries and self monitoring
Platform supports multiple unique applications
Separate Production and Test Systems
Support for Mulitple Cluster Nodes

Technologies Employed

Java Servlets, Applets, XML, HTML, RMI, JDBC, JMS, MQ