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Over-the-air provisioning (OTA)

Installing Midlets

The installation of Midlet applications on mobile phones or other devices varies according to the device capabilities.

Using OTA

If the mobile device supports Over-the-air provisioning (OTA), the device should be able to browse using WAP or GPRS to the appropriate downloads page or jad file.

Typically this can be achieved by using the "go to address" command or by setting up a bookmark.

eg. (for a page containing many downloads)
or<ApplicationName>.jad (for a specific download only)

Download via PC

Where OTA is not possible, the mobile device manufacturer will normally provide application software to enable applications to be loaded from a PC. In this case, the jad and jar files can be downloaded from the internet onto the PC, and subsequently loaded onto the mobile device using the application software provided (eg. Nokia Application Installer). The actual method of doing this is dependant on the device manufacturer, but could use infrared, bluetooth or RS232 cable.